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Tactics to help handle incoming requests


Convert requests

Whenever you receive a chat message, email, or anything else containing one or more tasks, convert and store it as a task in your primary task management system.

Unlike unloading your brain, these requests may be more pressing than an idea that you want to write down for later.

The requests may therefore need to be stored and organized for you to reconsider sooner than all your other thoughts.

Aggregate communication channels

The issue with Web services like email clients, chat apps etc. is that they all live in your browser.

As a result, whenever you want to check something on the Web, your attention is automatically drawn toward checking those services. Doing so would be catastrophic as so many studies showed as getting back to a state of concentration requires approximately 20 minutes.

One way to alleviate this risk is to aggregate all your communicate channels (email, chat etc.) in a single app dedicated to this. This app should be distinct from your browser so that using your browser does not generate distractions.

As a result, checking your communication tools becomes a conscious act since it now requires using another app.